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sam chen

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(no subject) [Jan. 6th, 2008|11:49 am]
[Current Mood |coldcold]

okays today is like already the 6th of jan?! hahaha omg it's like super fast can! :D oh wells im like j1 already and o level results are gonna be out soon!! haha anyways before i start my recap of my days i shall do something first. haha 

(i think renee would know! )

okays so back to my days in yjc! haha yeap so anyways orientation has been quite okay so far? like OG 17 is so much more united now!! like we're all opening up more so it's really great! :D had like mostly outdoor games on friday most of the time? but i felt really bad cause i didnt play at all cause of my back! im really really sorry OG 17! then like in the end for a few hours i was like sitting down and stoning while the others were like slogging their guts out to try and win! oh wells i also feel like that soo nvr mind.

yup then like everyone was super tired after games and all. during dinner it was like super quiet compared to normal cause like all of our ogls were not there and like only a few of us were left there.so yeah haha just sat around ate abit and talked to like jeffrey and all. then serli, shamine and sherman came back, we sat around until we all left to go and assemble at the hall for our jam n hop! okay so we werent allowed to enter yet so shamine, serli and marcus brought us to like somewhere else to play games? hehe we played murderer! haha then played a few rounds before we were called to go in! omg i tell you jam n hop was super hyper and fun man!! haha :D i enjoyed myself like a whole lot! then later left with my parents to pick my sis and grandma up to go for dinner nearby at like sembawang? yup

went home and i was super super exhausted! to add on i had like a super hoarse voice cause i was like screaming a whole lot during jam n hop! yup i stayed up to like wait for yu bai BUT it turned out there was NO XIAOZHU!!! omg i waited like for nothing?? haha i was super tired la but i still stayed up! omg so i went to sleep cause i had to wake up early the next day to go to the airport to send my sister off to provo! yup so the next morning i was super tired cause i had not enough sleep! haha so after sending my sister off i went to my grandma's house to sleep!! hahaha i slept until like 12? woke up ate lunch and just watched tv until like 3 plus when my dad came to pick me up! went home and watched tv again and basically just slacked around the whole night! 

oh wells i will miss my OG when orientation is over!! haha eye candy!!! omg omg omg :D okays i shall not get so high! :D i'll update more on orientation next week!! :D 

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(no subject) [Jan. 2nd, 2008|08:02 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]
[Current Music |下流社会- 元为觉醒]

it's finally 2008! haha a brand new year means a fresh new start!! yaye haha so new year's eve i went out with my dearest xz lovers! haha okays this few are another few okay not kelly and rachel! yup so went out with eunice, fawn and steph! haha xueqi went also but i think she came after i left? haha yeah so met steph and eunice first at orchard mrt control station at 2 plus? yup then we left first to go cine to buy tickets for movie cause our dearest fawn was gg to be late! hehe it was kinda awkward at first cause like the 3 of us werent talking at all! we just walked side by side all the way without talking to cine! hahaha cause like not really warmed up yet and not really close mah.haha so yeap went there, fawn wanted to watch national treasure but it was sold out even before it was our turn to buy tickets! haha so in the end we waited for fawn to come then we decided to watch another show instead! it was sucha  freaky show! like all about some funny drug that caused people to mutate? hahaha it felt like a horror movie okay! haha like alot of times i was covering my face with my jacket cause it was either too gruesome or freaky can! hahaha later when we all came out fawn was like telling me she practically didnt watch the movie at all cause half the time she was covering her face!!haha

oh yes before we went for movie we went to long johns cause eunice and fawn were hungry! yup we sat there and just like ate and talked alot? hahaha it was super funny and interesting to talk to them la cause like we all have the same common topic which is xiaozhu!! hahaha we kept like gossipping and talking a whole lot about things that happen and all! (: hehe yup then we just randomly walked around to like heeren and all! then we wanted to go to drink bubble tea and eat dinner there at heeren cafe but it was so crowded got no space to sit! haha then steph left to go meet her friends! so in the end me fawn and eunice just hung around and talk about the chatroom in efun! hahaha yup then walked back to cine cause their kbox was starting at 7! they accompanied me to buy my subway cookies before i was gg home! hehe took a picture before i left!! (: haha i'll post it when i get it from fawn! :D 

then it's home sweet home to watch my taipei countdown! i waited like half an hour for my bus at somerset! i was super tired la and then i just had to sit next to an inconsiderate lady who took like three quarters of the seat?? i almost died la! i had to balance one leg out to prevent myself from falling!! lucky some people went off so i changed seats! argh almost died. ohwells went home ate my dinner and watch the countdown! then at around 10 the relatives came over and we watched and countdown together!! quite exciting! hehe was counting down with the tzes on the phone also! hahaha yup then xiaozhu came out to perform! haha ya chou performer! hehe i liked dang wo men zhai yi kuai !!! omg super cute can! :D:D i was super happy when i heard that he's gonna perform that! hehe but i thought his outfit for taizhong was nicer and more shuai qi! haha it was like white like bai ma wang zi!!  haha taipei he changed to black!! oh wells but he sang really well considering his throat isnt too good! especially wo bu hui chang ge! it' s like one of the best time i heard him sing it live! or should i say it was the best!! haha yeap then i surfed the net for awhile before gg to bed cause it was late and like later had to go send charmaine off at the airport! but guess what! nobody woke me up so in the end my dad went alone! im so sorry charmaine!! haha i jerked awake at like 8 plus to realise it was so late already! so i went back to sleep until like 11 plus? then i woke up again! as usual i slacked and watch tv! went on forum to check out new threads and all. basically just rot around until like 5 plus then went out with my family to bugis to get new phones! :D yaye haha i was like smiling the whole way while i was walking inside intercon! haha brings back many flashbacks and memories! :D:D yup then headed down to balestier to eat dinner! (:

today was first day of school as well as start of orientation!! i was super scared cause like there was nobody i knew there! i was helpless until wongfeng came!! haha totally my lifesaver can! yup she helped me asked people where to find my og number and all! then registered and sat down with my og group! today was like kinda boring and tiring cause it was basically just like subject combi talks most of the time? but my og is kinda funny cause i have cool ogls!! haha i have like 5 ogls?! hehe they are shamine, serli, kwokhan, chuan yue and marcus!! hahaha super cool people! like kwokhan is especially hyper and comical! hahaha yup so met  new people but havent really like become friends yet? but i've been like talking to kaili and going around with her so it's been fine! :D but im super exhausted now with my legs being super tired and all. ohwells tmr is gonna be another long day and im gonna miss my yu bai live!! oh wells i shall see whether i can get to watch it tonight!! :D 

eye candy alert!! :D:D:D
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(no subject) [Dec. 27th, 2007|10:27 am]
[Current Mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[Current Music |当我们宅一块- 罗志祥]

christmas party 2007! <3

big table of food! (:

some truffle cake thingy made by my aunt!!


candycanes! a must have for christmas!


present from my aunt audrey!

longan tofu! haha it sounds funny but it's just almond jelly without almond! haha

my personal favourite! yumms

christmas tree!!

turkey before and after! 

sushi again! (:

log cake as usual for christmas

this is me and my sister!! 

haha this is what you get when you put charlotte and jermaine together! 

see what i mean?haha

finally a more normal picture!

charjie, charmaine and me! 

cousins! <333

from here onwards most of the pictures are super unglam courtesy of jun who took pictures of me when i wasnt looking!

no.1 santarina! haha

haha this was supposed to be evidence to show that my sister was tip toe-ing

another candid picture

i have no idea why my leg was being taken! 

pardon me but i was tired! 

caylynn at the back!

me and caylynn! 

this was taken on boxing day with my lovely christmas krispy kreme doughnut!

here's the doughnut! 

oh no half gone!!

it's gonna be gone in a few minutes!!

haha that sums up the pictures from my christmas lunch at my house! hehe we had loads of fun and laughter and of course good food contributed by everyone! (: managed to talk to sister chen on the phone!! haha it was great just hearing her voice again! :D yup went for devotional in the morning before heading to j8 to collect the turkey and whatever not. headed back home to prepare the house for the party! people started arriving one by one! hahaha ate and talked around, crapped abit then i went back to the room to use the com cause i was tired of entertaining! haha yup looked around forum and left replies here and there and started doing funny things by myself! hehe yup then once in a while i will go over to the next room where they were playing go-stop(sp?) ? hahaha yup then we decided to take pictures since caylynn they all needed to go already! yup took a few here and there then gave out presents and all before they left! jun and family stayed slightly longer, so we talked abit here and there and as usual talking about you know what! hahaha they will understand! :D then they left, at night went to amk hub to get supplies for my sister then went home! haha i saw a girl wearing stage 3m jacket there! the moment i saw her i was like ' oh! ' then my mum like blur cause she didnt know what i was talking about! haha oh wells nvr mind i know can already! :D

boxing day!
went out with my sister for shopping! haha left around 1 plus, went to vivo to shop around! hehe actually nothing much around singapore cause all the same one! but oh wells then left to go bugis which was super hot! hehe my sister managed to buy slippers and a tunic/dress from details workshop! hahaha in the end i didnt buy anything cause i saw nothing that caught my eye!! hahaha super funny, walked in heels until my leg was super sore! i was dying so badly! went marina before heading back home! haha as usual i just watched tv or surf the net! watched yuhee then hit awards 2007! haha okays i practically didnt understand anything from the awards ceremony cause it was all in cantonese! okay i understood some but it was nothing can! hehe but im glad i watched it although im super angry they only like showed 1 mins plus of xiaozhu's song?? like hello he sang 2 whole songs can!! wah can faint lor. oh wells after he received all 3 of his prizes i didnt watch anymore although it was supposed to end at 2am? haha i went into the room to use the com and watch yu bai! haha super hilarious la this episode! all the funny expressions :D then ran out at 1.30 to watch yest's yubai on channel u but didnt watch much cause it was quite boring! and i cant believe that boy lost 200 albums to yuan wei jue xing can!! haha it's like super alot la! aiyoh see la play so big until lose so much! oh wells then surfed around until like 3? then went to sleep cause i was tired already and there was nothing on forum to reply or read so yeah!

i wanted to go visit bandits today but i decided im too tired to go and visit! haha i jerked up at like 9 plus? then i was like forget it it's late already so i slept until lik 9.45 before waking up! haha i'll go visit them tmr i guess? yaye i hope tmr can go for outing!! actually dunno whether it's finalised already but should be yeah? haha i'll go check with jun again! :D so today i'll just rot and slack at home since i have nothing to do or got no appointments! :D

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(no subject) [Dec. 24th, 2007|11:34 pm]
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]


it's finally the time of the year when everyone gathers and have fun! haha but im counting down alone this year in the room in front of the com! hahaha so pathetic huh but nonetheless i still love christmas! (: haha yeap tmr there's devotional in church at 10! then it's christmas party at my house from 1 onwards! haha it's gonna be really fun! i love these kinda family gatherings! (: oh yes and i get to speak to sister chen from kaohsiung!! haaha i so cant wait! :D

okays so today woke up early to go and sing k with kelly and rachel my fellow xz lovers! haha i seriously think they can go and be jolin's fans la! haha they practically know how to dance the ai wu she dance can! haha her new songs also they know how to sing lor! haha yeap anyways me and kelly were on time so we went up first! started to sing xiaozhu's songs! haha we sang like practically all his songs can! haha let's hope we managed to push his song up to better ranking!! hahaha we were quite high after that when like rachel came and join us. hahaha they sang like wan zi song also even though they dunno how to sing la!! haha all thanks to rachel the super xiaogui fan also! hehe super fun la.havent been there for a long time already so it was great being back! didnt take any pictures cause i forgot! haha too high singing already. yup then went to taka and met my dad and mum to do shopping for party tmr! haha went home after that and i watch an fa xian chang!! haha me and my mum were getting super scared and anxious when it was getting to the last few seconds already la! haha she kept smacking my arm! hahaha super funny la. then me and my mum kept running in between the room and the living room to watch yu bai and an fa xian chang on the com! hahaha that's how cute my mum can get! hehe she's a slight xiaozhu fan! (:

yeap then went to my house nearby at around 7 plus to have dinner! went to j8 after that to shop around! hehe my dad bought a cd that's not bad i guess? hahaha im going to get a new phone!! haha although i havent really thought what phone i want but my parents are gg to bring me and my sister to get new phones soon! yaye i was thinking of getting the samsung one but i have to go check out the price first! (: my mum bought christmas colour nail polish for me!! yaye haha i painted my nails already but cant seem to take a nice picture of it so cant upload! hee oh yes she bought for me and my sister this super cute clip that has like a small santa's hat attached to it so when you clip on your hair it looks like a small hat on your head!! hahaa im gonna wear it tmr!! hehe tmr i'll be all in christmas colours! even the krispy kreme that im gonna eat is in christmas colours also!! hahaha super cool yeah? haha it's almost time to christmas!!

小猪,小霜姐,SSU, 家人们圣诞节快乐!
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(no subject) [Dec. 23rd, 2007|11:14 pm]
[Current Mood |angryangry]
[Current Music |做得到-罗志祥]


yaye my sister is finally back! hahaha super cools. oh wells tmr is christmas eve!! super exciting! cant wait for tmr when im gg for kbox with my fellow xz lovers! (((: hahaha super coolios! then im gonna meet my mum at taka to get stuff for christmas party on tues! hehe but as soon as christmas is over it's time for school already! haha and im stuck with a school im not really keen on gg! haha and i really really hope ex girlfriend is not my OGL!! ( renee dont laugh when you read this! ) oh wells my dad drove me to go sort of familiarise myself with the buses and environment there! haha we had to go like so many rounds just to figure out the best way to go and all! boohoo i have to walk in to school everyday so far! and i dont think anyone i know is gg there! arghh oh wells this is what i get with sucky results. haha

oh yes i havent editted my photos yet so i'll have to delay the upload!


haha i seriously need to brush up my photography skills for his next visit! haha looking at other 家人's photos i was like haha my photography skills are really quite lousy compared to them! oh wells i shall ask them for help and advice man! ((: okays it's running slightly late since i have to wake up early tmr so i shall go sleep now!! night everyone! sweet dreams <3
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(no subject) [Dec. 20th, 2007|10:33 pm]

heys everyone im selling this off! it's brand new from another online seller, not worn before only for trying! great for christmas since it's green! :D selling off urgently !!

credits to hocuspocusing.lj

the price and measurements all stated there! any queries pls direct to samchen91@hotmail.com
thanks! :D

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(no subject) [Dec. 20th, 2007|11:23 am]

 today is gonna be picture overload! :D i'll be posting pictures from hongkong trip as well as other random stuff! (:

hongkong temple trip! (3rd dec- 8th dec)

this one's for you charjie!

my mum with the huge christmas tree at some mall in lantau island!

me eating some hotdog at the bbq!


fellow sc-ian nicole!

my pit! ( uncle dave, auntie jackie, auntie rita, brother leonard and my mum! )

me and cheryl!

our delicious xu liu shan!

not forgetting the oh so yummy krispy kremes!

haha oops today i'll just upload pics fron hk trip cause i have to edit my pictures for concert and all so yeah!

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(no subject) [Dec. 19th, 2007|11:46 pm]
[Current Mood |crazycrazy]




it's probably partly due to withdrawal symptoms! vitamin s is what i need now!

haha renee says it's due to me being lazy and not exercising that's why im feeling so lethargic! and maybe partly because the past 3 days ( 14th -16th) i've been running around alot then im suddenly left with so much time on hand thats why im feeling so off! oh wells what can i do?

i watched mr magorium's wonder emporium today with kelly! haha that show is super cute can! it's so fantasy like but so cute nonetheless! :D hehe but the show was quite sad nearing the end! i kept tearing! haha and the show's not say very old but the theatre was super empty can! haha and they was this person who laughed super loud in the theatre can! hahah i was freezing inside the theatre even though i was wearing a three quarter cardigan! brr haha maybe cause it's at cathay where hardly anybody goes so yeah :D then we went walking around ps for fun! met amilyn there and we just went crazy with the items at the miss whatever and girls shop! haha super hilarious la. then trained back home with kelly to catch today's yu bai! haha 小猪's 恋爱百分百!super funny can his expressions! did i mention that yest's yu bai was super hilarious, i laughed until i stomachache can! hahaha my grandma was like ' 哎哟!有那么好笑meh? ' hahaha super hilarious as usual mr pig!

my SD card is spoilt! im super upset can! like 1 minute it was working fine then the next min the whole thing just died on me! arghh luckily i uploaded all the stuff onto the com already if not i'll cry on the spot can! hahaha i need to go find another SD card if not next week when it comes to christmas i'll have no camera to take pictures! yaye i cant wait for kbox next week with my fellow xz lovers! as well as arrival of my oh-so-dearest sister! and christmas where i'll be able to talk to my dearest big sister!! yaye next week is gonna be a good week!:D cant wait! haha gonna have a sister shopping day as well as a cousin's reunion! super exciting! oh wells

跨年能看到你了!好开心!:D 恭喜无锡演唱会大成功!

year 2008 is arriving! hais i think i have to stick with my fate and go yjc. i havent receive any phone call from SA so i guess im not getting accepted! i've been feeling quite unsure these few days and i guess im really not gonna get it? oh wells i shall just resign to my fate!  okays it's running late so i shall go now! :D
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(no subject) [Dec. 19th, 2007|01:17 am]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |twinkle-罗志祥& kumi koda]

it's been exactly 2 days..




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(no subject) [Dec. 16th, 2007|11:18 pm]
[Current Mood |sadsad]










希望你拍篮球火会非常顺利!我一定会支持!:) 也希望你再下来的这几场演唱会能非常顺利地进行!

这些美好的记忆我都收藏了, 今年2月的speshow签唱会, 9月的歌舞青春2, 11月的一枝独秀签票会, 还有我等了几个月的一枝独秀show on stage 演唱会在新加坡室内体育馆引爆, 最后也忘不了 12月14号 舞所不在签唱会,12月15号的舞林大会,和12月16日的红星大奖!


在这里我献上我最大的祝福给小猪! 也忘不了一直在他身边的小霜姐!



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